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4 SEO consultancy practices: myth or truth?
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4 SEO consultancy practices: myth or truth?
SEO is one of the areas of digital marketing that undergoes the most changes. This is because Google, the largest search engine today, is always updating its algorithm in order to provide users with the best results for their searches and also to improve the quality of websites, thus improving the user experience. We can say that website optimization (SEO) work began right at the beginning of the internet, when we still used the search engine “Where?” to search for different sites on the web. At that time, SEO was easier, using “tricks”, such as inserting websites into directories by placing a period in front of the company name; The listing, which was in alphabetical order, brought the company's name to the top of the list, ahead of competitors, but damaging the user experience.

Consultancy practices myth or truth.jpg In 1998, Google appeared, a website search engine completely different from anything that already existed on the market special-data and which could find what you were searching for with more precision. Since then, it has undergone several updates to its algorithm, modifying the strategies used to make the site rank well in the search engine and providing the user with a better experience. As Google makes constant changes to its platform, many professionals are in doubt about what should be done or not, or, among the practices, what has fallen and what remains, what is myth or truth in SEO? WSI as an SEO consultancy is.

[Image: photo-1588421357574-87938a86fa28-300x150.jpg]

Always updating itself in this sense and that is why it created its own methodology, Adaptive SEO and you can read more about it in this blog post Changes in the SEO scenario and how it can affect your company. Today, I have separated 4 tips that answer whether some SEO practices are still valid or not: 1. Does the size of the article matter? Not necessarily. Worry about getting your message across. For a long time it prevailed that a good article for SEO should contain 300 words and that the keyword should be repeated and bolded several times throughout the text so that robots could identify what that content was about and whether or not it was relevant to the user.

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