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S08 E17 draft script Dean says I love you to Cas
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S08 E17 draft script Dean says I love you to Cas
Destiel confirmation
So.... in the picture below is Production Draft script of S08 E17: "Goodbye Stranger", Dean tells Castiel "I love you".
With this episode and S15 E18: "Despair", Destiel is definitely canon.
Both of them have clearly stated the 3 big words to each other!

Jensen argued that it felt out of character and the Writer Robbie Thompson later said he agreed with Jensen.

BUUUUT as I have read what others have said, when Dean instead tells Cas "I need you." that was the Dean way of still saying he loves Cas, just in different words.

[Image: 1_07_08_21_7_02_13.jpeg]
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