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The field is new, the story is new, the narration is also new
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The field is new, the story is new, the narration is also new
The field is new, the story is new, the narration is also new
aybe about ten or fifteen years. Writer S.B. at Mitra's office in Kodambakkam, Chennai. I met Through the books written by me, S.B. He was familiar to me. Sometimes I meet him at Mitra's office. I will talk about the literary situation in Sri Lanka. Every now and then he would introduce me to a book written by a Sri Lankan writer. That's how the good short story collection 'Paniyum, Panayyum' was introduced. A. So was the debut of Muthulingam's 'Vamsavirudhi'. Usually the Tamil versions written by Sri Lankan diaspora writers make me cringe because of the elusiveness of their language. However, if literary interest prevails, I will read them anyway. I hypothesized that the genealogy would also be a copy written in such an elusive language. Without any preconceived notions, I read the collection of short stories called Vamsavritti. After reading the first few pages, I knew 'this is not the usual Sri Lankan Tamil script, this is different'.

Was happy. Eleven short stories in total. Each is different. The countries where the stories take place are different. The race of Katha Mandars is also different. The problems they face are also different. Muthulingam faces problems that an average Tamil writer does not. He manages to astonish the  Telegram Number Data in a cloth shop flaunts the freshest new clothes in front of the customer. People who have the opportunity to travel the world for work tend to lack writing skills. Similarly, those who have the talent of writing will not have the opportunity to travel and live in different countries like this. But Muthulingam has both of these. It seems to be his gift. It is the first short story in the collection that grabs attention. It is a story about a pet dog.

The dog's name is Duryodhana. Speaking of the show named after the dog, '...We raised our legs and decided that it was a male dog. After rejecting many names, I came up with the name Duryodhana. My son used to penetrate me with his lower eye. He had the right to veto names. 'Ah, let's call him Duri', he finally said. The name remains the same. The feeling of reading the novel as such. In another short story, he writes in a different way, as we wonder if the spirit of innovation has been born again. '…..The road was covered with snow. The temperature in Canada that day was minus 20 degrees. The taxi crawled slowly and stopped at the door of number 32. The name of the house was 'Eru Satham'...' This story begins with serious steps. The name of the house presents a mystery to the reader as to whether it is a satham..what is a satham. The hero of the story, Sivalingam, works in a company.

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