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August 7, 2021Β 

I am happy to announce that is now open!
This is an unofficial fan site, however I am a very passionate Supernatural fan… of the show, the cast, and the main attraction….. Destiel!

The forum & gallery link are available now.
(Registration required to post/upload, but
guests can view everything.)

Q: Why create a fansite?
A: When searching online for Destiel, Cockles, Dean & Cas, etc.. its a nice feeling to see there are other fans & shippers out there that feel the same as I do.

From seeing artists creating pieces from nothing, or making photo manipulations or the fan fiction writers — it is all just wonderful to see others creations.

In seeing that, I wanted to open a site totally dedicated to DESTIEL!
A central place where we all can ship/discuss/upload anything and everything (yes, *everything*) about Destiel in a warm, friendly, safe, non judgemental, environment.

There are a lot of Destiel shippers, but I have noticed they are scattered across the internet, (Facebook, DeviantArt, Patreon, Tumblr, Twitter, etc….) BUT those places are not focused on ONLY Destiel, yes you might have your groups or pages, but they are all not united and sometimes have duplicated content.

With all of the Destiel shippers together, wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow get an alternate S15 E18?Β  πŸ™‚

Β …So with all of that said, please come check out the forum (join!) lets create an awesome community together!!!

If you would want to contact me, my email address is: Arienrhod *
(remove the spaces and change * to @)

αš¨αš±α›α›–αšΎαš±αšΊα›Ÿα›ž (Arienrhod)